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Koostik's iPhone Dock Amplifies with Wood

Steve Jobs actually hires design consultants to help make sure his products, like the iPhone, look stylish and minimalist at the same time. It makes me wonder why people keep putting wood on the damned thing. I mean, if you don't like the design, get an Android phone, or something.

The latest wooden wonder for your iPhone is the Koostik. Unlike other smartphone accessories of its kind, the wood on this speaker dock is not just for looks. In fact, it's what makes it work. The Koostik amplifies audio with the natural resonance in its hardwood frame and the two machined holes on each side, which boost audio like a guitar's hollow body.

It's not without its downsides. Since it uses natural amplification, you only get an audio increase of about two to four times above the norm. Plus, since it doesn't have power, you can't use it to charge your phone. Still, I guess it comes in handy if you're out camping, where power outlets are not an option.

[source: koostik via uncrate]