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iPhone 4 Hacked for Jailbroken Carrier Unlock

iPhone 4, just a day after its super-easy jailbreak was published on the internet, has been unlocked.

Hackers behind the jailbreak software were able to unlock the all-new baseband software that shipped with the iPhone 4, which differs from the protection mechanisms of the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

The unlocking software ultrasn0w is available on Cydia and unlocks all current iOS 4.0.1 devices. Click here to read the dev-team blog post.

Even though the iPhone 4 is now sold in more countries than ever as a factory unlocked, non-subsidized handset, there are still many who wish to take their carrier-provided iPhone 4 for use in other territories through a SIM swap.

Besides just the software, users must also acquire their own micro-SIM card, or make their own by cutting down the size of a regular SIM.