iPhone Users Have the Most Sexual Partners

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The best camera is often the one that you have with you, but if you have a choice – chose a digital SLR and be sure that you keep an iPhone in your pocket.

Dating site OKCupid gathered 552,000 pictures uploaded by its users and asked people to make preferential judgments when comparing two photos side by side.

Not surprisingly, the better the camera, the better the subject looks. OKCupid found that across all ages, those captured with a DSLR were rated as more attractive. The least attractive photos on average were captured using a camera phone, while those with pictures from a point-and-shoot were somewhere in between.

The Panasonic micro 4/3 is the top ranking camera, with a Leica point and shoot and all other DSLR's trailing behind. Nearly all camera phones sat in the negative attractiveness zone.

Of course, those shooting with a DSLR are more likely to have better photographic conditions since the camera is a special purpose tool, but the example below highlight quality, setting, and lighting.

Image credit: GizmodoImage credit: Gizmodo

Interestingly, OKCupid also tracked the sexual activity of its users according to smartphone brand. Those with iPhones (especially women) had twice as many sexual partners as those with Android phones. BlackBerry users were camped right in the middle. This trend held true regardless of gender.

Oh, and you probably don't want to use a flash for your profile shot, as it's shown to make you look seven years older.

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