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Verizon's New iPhone 4 Commercial Jabs at AT&T

The iPhone is hitting Verizon in less than a week's time. While the iPhone is multi-carrier in many other countries, its launch on Verizon is a big thing for the United States -- this is a special iPhone 4 made for the U.S.'s diverse and splintered cellular networks.

The differentiating factor between AT&T and Verizon is no longer about which one has the Apple phone. Now it's going to be about service and Verizon has a reputation for providing more consistent and reliable service, while AT&T delivers faster data rates.

Early tests confirm that Verizon is generally more stable than AT&T, but with the original iPhone carrier you get faster speeds and the ability to use both voice and data at the same time. Either way, Verizon is focusing on the fact that it can provide a smoother service, which it proudly advertises in the video clipped below.