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This Homemade Case Lets You Run Android on an iPhone

Like the Ghostbusters facing down the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, developers at Tendigi have crossed the streams, creating a case for the iPhone that lets you run the Android OS on Apple's mobile device.

CTO Nick Lee posted a video showcasing the finished product along with a blog post outlining the somewhat lengthy process from start to finish. Not surprisingly, bringing Android to the iPhone involved a lot of tiny hardware and 3D modeling.

Thanks to the Android Open Source Project, developers like Lee can access the information and source code necessary to create any custom variations of the Android platform. In this case, Lee was able to clone and rebuild Android by developing software that could stream Android on the iPhone while maintaining touchscreen capabilities.

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Tendigi has plenty of previous experience engineering software to fit where it doesn't belong like this Apple watch rigged to run Windows 95 (which, for the record, was exactly as useful as you'd think it would be).

Credit: Tendigi

(Image credit: Tendigi)

Lee was able to test the functionality of the Android OS on the iPhone first, by streaming it through a cable from the LG Nexus 5. From there, he built his own tiny Android development board and was able to shove all the hardware into a custom 3D-printed iPhone case. It's not the sleekest looking phone case out there, but if you're set on hacking your iOS smartphone, Lee shows us how you can really have at it.