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Analyst: AT&T to Make iPhone Plan $10 Cheaper

One of the huge problems people had with the original iPhone was that it was way too expensive. When the 3G launched, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would be dropping the price of the device to something a little more wallet-friendly. Of course, AT&T then raised the iPhone data plan by $10, making it in some ways more expensive.

Now with a somewhat affordable price, consumers turned their attention to AT&T’s entry-level iPhone plan of $69. Would-be iPhone-owners complained that despite the device’s better price point, the expensive monthly plan was stopping them from buying an iPhone.

With the release of a new iPhone fast approaching, many people are speculating that Apple is going to strike up a deal with Verizon in order to attract more customers. However, industry pricing strategist Michael Cote thinks it’s more likely that we’ll see AT&T cut its prices. According to TheStreet, Cote said that there is a "strong possibility" that the wireless company will drop the price of the phone's entry level plan, bringing it down to $59, with the announcement being made around the time of Apple’s WWDC.

While any price drop is good news, we can’t imagine this move from AT&T will keep Apple and Verizon from striking up some kind of deal. Sure, it might grab the attention of some folk, but for many, sixty bucks for a phone plan is still too steep and there’s already a lot of Verizon customers willing to pay current prices for an iPhone.