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iPhone 8 Video Shows How It Measures Up to Galaxy S8

Another day brings another video of a reported iPhone 8 mockup. Only this video gives us a good idea of how Apple's next phone might measure up to a Galaxy S8.

The video, posted by Unbox Therapy, claims to show a "prototype-style unit" that was built to aid accessory makers as they designed cases and add-ons for Apple's next phone. In fact, the video shows the mockup perfectly fitting both a case and a screen protector from different companies, suggesting that this design is the real deal.

The device in the Unbox Therapy video looks a lot like the dummy units we've seen in previous videos, showcasing an iPhone 8 with an expansive screen up front, a larger power switch than you'll find on current iPhones and vertically stacked dual cameras on the back of the device.

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Where this video stands out is that it shows the iPhone 8 alongside a Galaxy S8 to compare the size and form of the two phones. Using calipers to measure screen size, the Unbox Therapy video shows the iPhone 8 model with a 5.8-inch display, which not only matches frequent rumors about the iPhone 8's screen size but also the actual size of the Galaxy S8's display.

From left to right, a Galaxy S8, an iPhone 8 prototype and the iPhone 7 (Credit: Unboxed Therapy/YouTube)

(Image credit: From left to right, a Galaxy S8, an iPhone 8 prototype and the iPhone 7 (Credit: Unboxed Therapy/YouTube))

That's important, because the iPhone 8 mockup depicted in the video is a little bit shorter than the Galaxy S8. It's measured at 5.62 x 2.79 inches, compared to 5.9 x 2.7 for the Galaxy S8. That would suggest that Apple found a way to match the Galaxy S8's extended screen, but in a slightly more compact device — potentially a key selling point for the next iPhone.

The video doesn't really get into how easy it will be to operate the iPhone 8 with one hand. (For good reason, too — that's not a functional display on the iPhone mockup.) That will be something to keep an eye on as we get closer to the iPhone 8's launch, which is expected to be this September.

The video does address how the iPhone 8 will fit in compared to Apple's current phones. The new model looks to be just a little bit larger than the iPhone 7, though not significantly so. More importantly, it's much more compact than the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, while packing in more screen real estate. That's consistent with what we've seen when previous iPhone 8 prototypes were stacked up alongside current iPhones.

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