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Video of Working iPhone 7 Makes Us Want the Plus

As the launch of the iPhone 7 grows nearer, more videos are popping up claiming to depict Apple's next flagship. A new clip finally shows a working iPhone 7 prototype. But after seeing it, I'm more excited for the iPhone 7 Plus or Pro--or whatever Apple's bigger phone winds up being called--than for the smaller iPhone 7.

The very brief 26-second video from GeekBar shows what looks like an iPhone 7 with a larger camera lens. And, as with other leaked images and videos, the unsightly antenna lines on the back are gone. 

The video also shows the camera turn on, so you can see the live view, as well as a couple of filters being used as part of a quick software test.

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Strangely, the video blurs out the bottom of the device, but French site NWE obtained photos form GeekBar that seem to confirm that the iPhone 7 will lack a headphone jack. Lighting port FTW?

More disappointing, though, is that the iPhone 7 will likely be less feature-rich than the iPhone 7 Plus. A separate video showing a prototype of the Plus from this week shows an even larger dual-lens camera, which will presumably enable better low-light performance and all sorts of creative editing and processing tricks.

Credit: NWE

(Image credit: NWE)

The earlier iPhone 7 Plus video also reveals a Smart Connector, which will likely enable the device to connect to various accessories. It even had a cool blue color, which we're hoping isn't also limited to the bigger phone.

If all of these leaks prove accurate, there will be more differences than ever before between the iPhone and iPhone Plus, which will help justify the premium. But I'm also hoping the smaller iPhone 7 has enough going for it for those of us who don't want to stretch our hands across the Plus' wide body.

via 9to5Mac

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