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iPhone 7 Plus Video Confirms Worst Fears But Also Raises Hope

A new video showing an iPhone 7 Plus prototype reveals that Apple's phablet may indeed be losing the headphone jack. But it may also boast some unique features, not to mention a cool new hue.

Lewis Hilsenteger at Unbox Therapy obtained what appears to be a near-final version of the iPhone 7 Plus, and it comes in a stunning blue color. This would be a welcome departure from Apple's usual palette, and Rose Gold is getting kind of old.

The prototype is also marginally thinner than the iPhone 6s Plus at 7.14mm vs 7.18mm, but that's so slight users would barely notice. I would hope for an even slimmer profile, given that this model ditches the headphone jack.

You heard that right. Like other iPhone 7 videos we've seen thus far, this iPhone 7 Plus loses the headphone jack and has twin speakers flanking the lightning connector. Although I love to rock out now with my wireless Bose QC35, not everyone wants to invest in Bluetooth headphones. The good news is that Apple will likely include a 3.5mm Lighting adapter in the box to accommodate your existing cans or buds.

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Photo enthusiasts will likely be pleased by the dual-lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus, although it's not clear if this feature will be exclusive to the bigger phone. This setup should allow for better low-light photography and perhaps the ability to make more creative edits using depth of field before sharing your pics.

The iPhone 7 Plus prototype also sports a Smart Connector on the back, which could be used to attach a wide range of accessories. The iPad Pro offers a similar connector, which is used to transfer power and data to the Smart Keyboard. A keyboard is certainly an option for the iPhone 7 Plus as well, but the Smart Connector could also be used for add-ons like battery packs, speakers, docks and more, similar to the modularity offered by the Moto Z and LG G5.

If this video is legit, the iPhone 7 Plus could be much more than just a refresh and also substantially differentiated from the regular iPhone 7. But Apple will really have to wow prospective upgraders with what the Smart Connector and dual-lens camera can do if it's going to ease the sting of losing the headphone jack.