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Here’s What Replaced the iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

Apple's controversial decision to remove the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus was bolstered by two arguments: there's better technology out there to replace it, and that it would save room inside the phone for other components. So what exactly did its eviction make room for? Enter iFixit's teardown of the iPhone 7 Plus (the site doesn't yet have a teardown of the 4.7-inch phone).

The Taptic Engine takes up room thanks to the iPhone's new home button with haptic feedback. Credit: iFixit

(Image credit: The Taptic Engine takes up room thanks to the iPhone's new home button with haptic feedback. Credit: iFixit)

The iPhone 7 Plus teardown answers some questions about the phone that weren't detailed on stage at Apple's keynote. We now know that it has a 2900-mAh battery (higher than the 6s Plus' 2750-mAh battery, but less than the 6's 2915-mAh battery) and 3GB of RAM, surpassing the 6s Plus' 2GB of RAM.

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There are plenty of little adjustments that take up extra room now that the headphone jack is gone. Waterproofing added room for a bunch of rubber gaskets, the earpiece is larger because of its new job as a second speaker, and the front-facing and rear-facing camera assemblies are both larger. If you're looking exactly where the headphone jack was, there's something "that seems to channel sound from outside the phone into the microphone... or from the Taptic Engine out."

In an ironic twist, iFixit points out the the lightning connector assembly is a very large component that takes up a lot of space. But that port doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Head over to iFixit to see the full teardown. Don't try it yourself, though, because this will definitely void your warranty.

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  • zappo
    Apple can go and stick the iPhone7 where the sun does not shine, Apple has always tried to prevent fair competition by using proprietary kit, well an industry standard headphone socket is a step to far. #AppleRipOff

    Back in the day Apple denied users access to Bluetooth that was in the Ipod, why? To stop healthy competition in VoIP vs mobile market. #AppleRipOff

    When the lightning interface was introduced it has a little chip in the charging cable, no chip no charging, this prevented Chinese charging cables available for a few dollars from working so they could sell you a $40 cable and a $40 charger. #AppleRipOff

    We had the same thing with the failure to include USB ports on iMac's, forcing users to pay way over the odds ($80) for apple accessories. #AppleRipOff

    Oh and did you forget the battery in an Apple Laptops, on eBay my Dell 9 cell battery replacement is $25 but Apple demand you send them your Apple Laptop back and they swap it out for $150 #AppleRipOff

    It is about time that Apple were punished for this anti competitive behavior, the irony is that Apple only survived because Microsoft were forced to pay them $500m for their own anti competitive behavior!