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Bragi Teases New Wireless Buds Ahead of iPhone 7 Launch

Need more evidence that the iPhone 7 is ditching the headphone jack? Wireless earbud maker Bragi just teased a big announcement, one that conveniently will be coming out of Apple's home turf just two days before the big Sept. 7 iPhone event.

The company recently tweeted out the details of its upcoming event, simply stating that "Bragi Has Big News." Here's what's interesting: the big reveal will be taking place on Sept. 5, and Bragi specified that it's kicking off at 10 a.m. "Cupertino" time. That leads us to believe that the announcement could be happening right in Apple's backyard.

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With the iPhone 7 reportedly shipping without a headphone jack, Apple would be wise to work with -- or even acquire -- a wireless headphone company to ensure that every new phone has a pair of cord-free earbuds in the box. A 9to5Mac report from earlier this year suggested that Apple might be including a pair of Beats-branded wireless headphones with the new iPhone, but based on what Bragi is teasing, it looks like Apple could be going third-party.

So what would Bragi bring to Apple? The Munich-based startup is known for its $299 Dash earbuds, which, in addition to offering wireless Bluetooth audio, also double as in-ear fitness trackers with biometric sensors and a virtual coach that provides exercise information. Bragi's technology would not only complement a jack-less iPhone, but would also be a natural fit for Apple's ever-growing health and fitness efforts.

Naturally, you probably won't get a free pair of $299 earbuds with your iPhone 7, so if Bragi is working with Apple on a pair of bundled headphones, it'll likely be something new. Perhaps the company is simply releasing a successor to the Dash and pushing the upcoming iPhone release as a reason to buy them. Either way, we'll find out soon enough; Bragi's big reveal will be streamed on its Facebook page on Sept. 5 at 10 a.m. Pacific -- or specifically -- Cupertino time. 

Michael Andronico

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