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Consumer Reports Doesn't Recommend iPhone 4

Still thinking about getting an iPhone 4? Surely by now you know about the reception issues facing the new Apple device with its external antenna. Most tech sites have already covered this design flaw, but now a mainstream testing firm has re-confirmed the findings.

Independent testing and reporting group Consumer Reports has published early lab findings on the iPhone 4 and concluded that it cannot recommend buyers to pick up the new device on the basis of the antenna design flaw.

Consumer Reports conducted the test inside a radio frequency isolation chamber (to mitigate interference) and used a base station simulator (to do away with any potential AT&T issues). Their findings were that the iPhone 4 would still drop 20 decibels when a hand touched the left corner of the phone.

Thankfully, they were able to come up with a DIY fix for this problem, but nobody really wants to have a piece of duct tape on their phone for the usable lifetime of it.

  • madass
    Not surprising....
  • Lmeow
    I wonder if Jobs will bother telling them that they're holding it wrong.
  • tinmann
    Easy fix with some good old 100 MPH duct tape.
  • bin1127
    Consumer Reports is nothing in the face of mighty Apple. The masses will disregard the warning and flock faithfully towards the new phone.
  • jojesa
    Mike, you weren't supposed to touch it....just look at it by afar.
  • JimmiG
    It would probably take 2 or 3 flawed phones before the iPhone brand name started taking damage. One minor issue like this isn't going to change things much.

    The external antenna is basically a good idea. When you're holding it right, it does get a stronger signal than other phones.

    Also one of those bumper cases fixes he issue completely and looks better than duct tape. The best thing for Apple to do is probably to admit their mistake (they could say that they actually designed the phone for use with a bumper case only) and give it away for free with each phone.
  • willgart
    Jobs make a great job!!! :)
    he resell millions of non working phones, and will resell even more working phones!!!
    a lesson: how to double your sales!!!
    And the worst part... everybody will be happy!!!! ridiculous.
  • soo-nah-mee
    Although I'm still not a fan of iphone/ipod (or anything apple for that matter), do people really still give any credibility to Consumer Reports these days?
    There are so many better ways to get reviews and recommendations on products these days. I've seen some ridiculous recommendations come from CR; particularly regarding cars.
  • ceejer
    It should be pointed out that, while they didn't recommend it, they still gave it the highest overall rating of available smartphones. I'm not saying that makes it a good phone, but that's a relevant fact to this story that was overlooked by Tom's.
  • MrHectorEric
    CR is now just one of many to confirm the already confirmed antenna issues (they're a little late to the party). Of course you always have to really scrutinize the results CR puts out, especially electronics and vehicles. Anyone remember the CR article that praised the $1000+ Mac computers, when only compared to $500-750 Windows computers; what a completely dishonest comparison that was.