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The iPhone 4 Case That's Fully Dock-Compatible

More than with any other phone, the iPhone 4 demands to be inside a case. Be it the troublesome antenna or the fragile – but quite aesthetically pleasing – glass back, the iPhone 4 likes to be covered up.

Apple's free case program may be officially over (though those experiencing reception problems can still get a free bumper through AppleCare), but there are still plenty of aftermarket options to protect your investment.

One of the complaints about many of the cases on the market is that they interfere with the dock connector. Even the minimalist Apple Bumper has a dock connector slot that's only wide enough for the OEM USB cable.

For most cases, you'll have to undress your iPhone 4 if you want to dock it or use it with a non-Apple cable.

This is where one of Speck's newest cases, the CandyShell Flip, comes in. It borrows a design from the original CandyShell, but has a rubber hinge in the middle to facilitate a "flip back" design for access to the dock port.

The only downside to this design is that it leaves a small gap at the hinge area, but that's the side effect of having the flip action. Like the original CandyShell, however, the headphone port is rather small, leaving those trying to use L-shaped stereo plugs out of luck.

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It retails for $34.99 and is available in pink, black, white, and the grey you see in the pictures.

  • eaw2539
    I have to do it...

    Your mom has an easy access bottom!
  • silver565
    Why is this news?

    Should we expect news on every other phones case?
  • zak_mckraken
    Nice ad.
    "Like the original CandyShell, however, the headphone port is rather small, leaving those trying to use L-shaped stereo plugs out of luck."
    I have the original CanyShell case and this is so true. I am going to take a razor to it and make it larger
  • mrmez
    Errrrrr... both iPhone 4 cases i have work fine with my docks or normal usb cable.
    I didn't know there was a problem.

    PS. Read the last line of the article. Awesome journalism as usual.
  • abhijeet1982
    what an odd case for a beautiful yet faulty phone, my advise is use an transparent adhesive tape to isolate the antenna issue, it will cost free and will not look like cheap condom, plus fanboys can show the aluminum skeleton to others and this will fit in any dock available, no unzipping the paints everytime, and dont blame me if the phone explodes or overheats or bricks because i will say "you are taping it wro..."
  • theshonen8899
    Hm..apparently someone gives a sh*t. I'll leave them alone.
  • Ciuy
    iPhone Mania. Get a life people, its just a fricking phone...a bad one too.
  • ddkshah
    Something seams wrong. The case flips back which is not exactly dock compatable especially if the dock is not an open back
  • hardcore_gamer
    just another iCrap news