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iPhone Dev-Team Secretly Releases 3GS Jailbreak

This past week has been filled with rather unexpected jailbreaking news for iPhone 3GS owners. Although a method to exploit the iPhone 3GS' system to allow for a jailbreak, the modding group responsible for many iPhone software hacks, Dev-Team, chose not to release its tool over fears that Apple would discover and patch the hole in the next firmware release.

The original discoverer of the hole, George Hotz, grew impatient with Dev-Team's reluctance to release the software hack and released his own tool – dubbed purplera1n – to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS. Unfortunately, the initial release was less than perfect and lead to some compatibility issues.

The release of purplera1n appears to have forced the hand of the Dev-Team to release its redsn0w software with support for the 3GS, which is good news for those looking for a more stable and reliable way to jailbreak the latest iPhone. The software was released on torrent networks a day before it was officially acknowledged by the modding group.

Perhaps even more significant is that the Dev-Team has also updated its ultrasn0w unlocking software (which requires a jailbroken iPhone 3GS). This means that any iPhone 3GS today is unlockable, opening it up to work on any GSM carrier worldwide.

Do you want to use an iPhone 3GS but not willing to switch to an Apple-partnered network? Now's your time.