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Apple's iPad 2 Sells Out, Again

White noted that

not all Apple stores and retail locations received shipments to be sold to customers this morning. He described the waiting lines in New York City and San Francisco a "spectacle", which is likely to continue throughout the week. Apple is still using tickets to handle its lines. White said that about 400 people wanted to buy an iPad 2 this morning at the San Francisco location alone.

"In New York City, three of the four stores already sold out of the iPad 2 in the first couple of hours this morning, and tickets were handed out at the flagship store to help people avoid waiting in line unnecessarily.," White wrote to customers. […] In San Francisco, only one of the three stores received iPad 2 shipments this morning."

He also noted that online shipment times are now at 4-5 weeks, up from 3-4 weeks last night. "Clearly, Apple is having trouble meeting demand as we highly doubt the company wants 4-5 week shipment times for consumers," White wrote. "Will There Be Enough iPad 2 Supply for the International? Availability of the iPad 2 began on March 11 in the U.S. and has clearly been met with overwhelming demand, which makes us wonder if Apple will have enough supply for the international launch on March 25 in 26 other countries."