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Enterprises Quickly Adopting iPads; Android Behind

Good Technology said that 27.2 percent of all device activations in enterprises are now iPads while 24 percent are Android phones. 95 percent of all activated tablets are iPads, followed by 3.1 percent for Android. The financial industry remains the leading industry vertical to adopt the iPad and accounts for 46 percent of all activated iPads by businesses.

The (AT&T) iPhone 4 is leading device activations with a share of more than 25 percent at this time, followed by the iPad 2 with just under 20 percent and the Verizon iPhone with about 13 percent. Both the original iPad and the iPhone 3GS had a share of about 7 percent in June. Overall, iOS has captured an activation share of about 66 percent, Good said. Android captured about 33 percent among the observed companies, but Good did not record any activations of Blackberry, WebOS or Windows Phone 7 devices.

The survey found that iPads are deployed as complementary "+one" devices and not as PC replacements. They are, however, considered as laptop alternative for those who are heavy content users, but not creators, including executives, sales and client services staff, insurance agents and adjusters as well as doctors.