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iPad Accounts For More Web Traffic Than Linux

Yet it is the iPad that is dominating the tablet market today and claiming market share in the segment with no indication that Apple will slow down anytime soon.

New web browsing market share published by Net Applications today suggests that the iPad is far ahead of its rivals and it may be tough for any other individual tablet to catch up. iPads now account for 0.92% of web browsing share, which is less than half of the overall iOS share (2.38%), but more than the share of Linux (0.91%). Net Applications said that the iPad's share climbed 0.1 points over the past month and is up from just 0.09% in May of 2010 (the month after the iPad's initial release.).

The most popular Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, came in with 0.018% share, followed by the Motorola Xoom with 0.012% and the Blackberry Playbook with 0.003%. The iPad's share is 53 times higher than that of its closest competitor.

However, StatCounter's May survey results show that iOS is losing ground among mobile operating systems as far as web browsing share is concerned.

iOS was down 1.25 points to 22.09%, while Android gained 1.58 points to 17.63%. Nokia's SymbianOS still leads with a surprisingly stable share of 31.36%. The market share loss of iOS was particularly apparent in North America, where the platform could lose its leading position within two months. iOS declined for 36.69% to 33.31% in may, while Android climbed from 27.13% to 28.05%. Blackberry market share has apparently stabilized at just under 22% (21.78%).