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iPad Cam-Case Adds Protection and Imaging

It was clear to designer Chet Rosales that the iPad lacks a camera. So he decided to give the tablet PC added functionality and protection by coming up with the iPad Cam-Case concept.

The iPad Cam-Case is a two-piece frame that latches onto the sides of the Apple gadget, with a hump on the side that slightly increases the device's width. The additional space accommodates a small webcam that can swivel 360 degrees for a wide field-of-view. The frame's rubberized finish makes those accidental slips less likely.

The webcam is designed to add not only imaging but video chat capability to the iPad. With an onboard camera, the iPad can now take pictures and support video chats. The iPad Cam-Case was clearly imagined as an accessory for a popular device out on the market today. Whether this will help the concept's chances to become a real-world product remain to be seen.

The iPad Cam-Case