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iPad Cam-Case Adds Protection and Imaging

It was clear to designer Chet Rosales that the iPad lacks a camera. So he decided to give the tablet PC added functionality and protection by coming up with the iPad Cam-Case concept.

The iPad Cam-Case is a two-piece frame that latches onto the sides of the Apple gadget, with a hump on the side that slightly increases the device's width. The additional space accommodates a small webcam that can swivel 360 degrees for a wide field-of-view. The frame's rubberized finish makes those accidental slips less likely.

The webcam is designed to add not only imaging but video chat capability to the iPad. With an onboard camera, the iPad can now take pictures and support video chats. The iPad Cam-Case was clearly imagined as an accessory for a popular device out on the market today. Whether this will help the concept's chances to become a real-world product remain to be seen.

The iPad Cam-Case

  • zaixionito
    Err, still seems it would be better if it would include a camera, that is standard in most *normal* tablets.
  • Jerky_san
    Huh thats pretty nifty.. Wonder how many mirrors it uses and if the image is the same quality as if you were just taking pictures..
  • chickenhoagie
    pretty cool, but something that should've been included with the ipad in the first place. ooh apple, how you trick the public mind.
  • arael
    ZaixionitoErr, still seems it would be better if it would include a camera, that is standard in most *normal* tablets.Don't be silly. That's going to be included in the iPad 2G!
    They will list it as one of their "Revolutionary new features" that will rock the technological world.
  • joytech22
    Great more i-Crap, they should just PUT the camera into the damn thing, i mean people spend this kind of money expecting a "little" more, but when you purchase from apple you can guarantee you will barely get any accessories.

    Oh and please, WiFi and bluetooth aren't accessories, they're standard (or should be)
  • house70
    I might not be aware of it, but I dont know if the iPad supports any videoconferencing app. That is, unless it is jailbroken, which means this accessory is encouraging that, more or less.
  • silver565
    I agree with joytech22

    At the end of the day. the iPad is out done by it's rivals easily
  • Lol, haters hate, never congratulate.

    Written on my iPad.
  • nxym
    that camera included, it doesnt look very ipad-ish
  • willgart
    JamarvelousLol, haters hate, never congratulate. Written on my iPad.And you are happy to not have the webcam integrated while all the other devices have one?
    are you happy to have to pay more?
    are you happy to have to make your device bigger to put a camera on it?
    Are you happy have a plastic around your device which can break the first time the device fall from your hands?
    Are you happy to be considered as an idiot by Apple?
    Are you happy to not have a good device at the day 0? (especially for this price!!!!)

    I'm pretty sure you are a guy buying a car just because you watch a adv. on the TV and the adv says "its the best car"; no? wow... what did you do?
    oh... you made some research, you compare before you buy to make sure you have the best for your money... (mmm... really?)