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Photoshoot Lit by iPads

If ever proof was needed that the iPad is more than just a glorified Etch-a-Sketch, this would be it. Photographer Jesse Rosten showcased the iPad's immense utility by lighting a photo shoot with iPads.

Rosten took 9 iPads and attached them to three different panels. The two "kicker" light panels have three tablets each, while the beauty dish have six. Once the cameras were ready to roll, the crew would simply set all the iPads to full brightness.

According to Rosten, the iPad arrays "surprisingly produce a decent amount of light." I'm no photography geek, but the pictures do look professional, if a bit dark at times. It also costs a lot: nine iPads would make a $4,500 dent in your wallet, far more than you'd be spending on standard lighting equipment. But hey, it's a very interesting DIY exercise.

[source: Jesse Rosten via DIY Photography]