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How to Use Maps Features in iOS 9

How to Use the Nearby Features in Maps

With iOS 9, Maps has a better idea of what's around you. The Nearby section of Maps helps you quickly find everything from banks to food and fun all within a short distance of where you are at the moment. But there's more than one way to have maps find you someplace right nearby that might be of interest to you. Here are the many ways you can master the Maps's Nearby capabilities.

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Using Nearby from the Maps App

1. Open Maps.

2. Tap the search field.

3. Tap a category from the list of colored icons that appear below the search field

4. Tap a subcategory. For food, say, you'll see options like Restaurants, Groceries, Coffee Shops and more.

5. Tap the venue you want to see from the list below the map or the category.

6. Tap the venue name to see Yelp reviews and other information about the business.

7. Tap the Quick Route icon — it can be either a pedestrian, car, or public transit icon — to get directions from your current location.

Using Nearby From Your Phone's Homescreen

1. Swipe right from the home screen.

2. Tap a Nearby category.

Note that Nearby locations that will appear on this screen will depend both on the device your using and the current time.

Change Your Mind on Nearby Searches

Want dinner and drinks instead of just a drink? Instead of starting completely over, try this shortcut to send your Nearby searches in a different direction.

1. Tap the category item in the address field.

2. Tap a different subcategory or tap the "X" to move back to the main categories list.

3. Select a new category.

Find Things Near Your Destination

You can also use the Nearby feature in the iOS 9 version of Maps to locate places to go that are near your destination -- helpful, say, if you need to stop at a bank or grab a coffee once you arrive. Note that this feature only works when you first select a favorite location, recent location or someone from your contacts list.

1. Open the Maps App.

2. Tap the Search for place or address field.

3. Tap Favorites.

4. Select the Favorite, Recent, or Contacts tab. Choose a location or contact with an address. (Contacts with addresses are bolded.)

5. Tap the address field again when you find the destination.

6. Tap a category.

7. Tap a local venue or select other locations from the resulting list.

Use Siri to Find Nearby Locations

Instead of tapping, you can also access the Nearby feature in Maps with the help of Siri, the voice-powered assistant in iOS 9.

1. Hold the Home button and ask Siri for nearby locations, such as “Are there any bars nearby?"

2. Tap a result from the list Siri provides.

3. Head to your destination, tapping the icon for directions if needed.