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Windows Phone Expected to Surpass iPhone By 2016

A new report released by IDC predicts Windows Phone surpassing Apple's iOS by 2016. While Windows Phone will continuously gain market share over the next few years, IDC believes that Android will peak this year and decline from now on. iOS listed with declining market share until 2016.

Given Microsoft's strategy to deeply embed Windows Phone in a platform play and make it much more an enjoyable component in the Windows - Windows Phone - Xbox Live environment, it is reasonable to assume that Windows Phone have growth potential. IDC predicts this potential to be strong at an average annual growth rate of 46.2 percent over the next four years, while iOS and Android are estimated at 10.9 and 9.5 percent. IDC states that both iOS and Android will not be able to keep up with the overall market growth rate of 12.7 percent.

It is interesting to note that IDC also believes that BlackBerry has an opportunity for a comeback with an average growth rate of 12.1 percent, while the market share is forecasted to remain flat at about 6 percent.