Internet Still Growing Strong: Almost 700 Million Websites

According to NetCraft, 32.6 million host names were added in March 2012 alone. The analysis firm estimates the total number of website addresses at 676,919,707. Within one year, the number of host names has more than doubled from 312,693,296 in March of 2011. At the current pace, the Internet may break 1 billion addresses by summer 2013.

Apache remains the most popular server architecture worldwide with a global share of 65.5 percent or more than 443 million host names. Microsoft is second with 92.5 million (13.7 percent) and Nginx with 69.9 million (10.3 percent). Google has about 3.3 percent of the market with 22.0 million host names.

Netcraft also said that Windows 8 server (beta) has surfaced for the first time as web server software: 278 servers popped up in the survey, even "if many of these sites are running on Linux, indicating proxy servers or forged server headers." Among the sites that are already running Windows 8 are and