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Infographic: The Web In 60 Seconds

You could simply look at Netcraft's latest web survey and point to more than 357 million URLs and an unprecedented pace of growth: the number of URLs has, for example, increased by a factor of 10 in a little over 8 years and doubled in size in less than 3 years.

Or, you could look at an infographic published by at 20 examples that highlight what we do on the Internet in just one minute. For example, we publish more than 695,000 status updates and more than 510,000 comments on Facebook. We register for more than 320 new Twitter accounts and publish more than 98,000 new tweets as well as more than 20,000 new posts on Tumblr. Every minute, we make more than 370,000 minutes of Voice calls on Skype, stream 13,000 hours of music over Pandora and post 12,000 ads on Craigslist.

YouTube gets 600 new videos, 60 new blogs are registered and 168 million are sent every minute. These are mind blowing numbers, but do sound reasonable, if you realize that there are now 2.1 billion people on the web - about 30 percent of the Earth's population.