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Report: U.S. Broadband Is Just Mediocre

According to the paper, actual average download speeds in the U.S. are substantially behind in a global comparison. The Commission found that the highest average download speeds on these shores are in San Diego and New York with 11.4 and 11.7 Mb/s, respectively. On a global basis Seoul leads with an average of 35.8 Mb/s, followed by Helsinki with 26.3 Mb/s and Berlin with 26.2 Mb/s. The data was collected using Ookla's free Speedtest utility.

The FCC concluded that prices for broadband access in the U.S. is "in the middle of the pack among OECD countries" However, the FCC also quoted a paper published by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University which found that "as data speeds increase, U.S. prices advance" as well.

Korea still leads fixed broadband penetration in its population with a share of 95%. Iceland and Sweden follow with 88% and 79%. The U.S. ranks 12th with a penetration of 62%. Korea also posted the highest penetration share of wireless broadband with 95%, followed by Sweden and Japan with 75% each. The U.S. ranks 9th with a 44% share.