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Americans Love Their Phones More Than The Internet

Washington DC - Americans are more likely to ditch their Internet rather than their cellphones. According to a new survey done by the Pew internet and American Life Project, 51% of the population would find it very difficult to give up their cell phones while 45% felt the same about their Internet. Not surprisingly, the Blackberry and regular email came as the least favored items.

The Pew survey asked 2054 adults about their mobile and Internet activities in December 2007. 36% said it would be very hard to give up their Blackberry while 37% said the same about their email.

Among those who use mobile phones or PDAs, 31% send or receive text messages every day while 15% take pics on a typical day. Only 3% watch video daily on their phones.

The study also found that 21% of people access the Internet away from home at least a couple times per week. I’m definitely part of this group as I find the melodious tunes at Starbucks a better background for my web surfing than my Resistance Fall of Man-playing roommates screaming at the PlayStation 3.

You can read the entire survey here .