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Intel Discontinuing Conroe-based Xeon Processors

Intel informed vendors that it will begin cleaning up its dual-core Xeon 3000-series portfolio. The 3000-series version 3040, 3050, 3060 and 3070, all based on the 65 nm Conroe core, are entered into the firm’s product discontinuance program and are going to be phased out. The high end models 3075 (2.66 GHz) and 3085 (3.0 GHz) remain available.

Intel recently added the 45 nm E3110 (3.0 GHz) to the 3000-series line up, but apparently is focusing on the 65 nm quad-core 3200-series as well as the 45 nm 3300 series. The 65 nm family currently includes the 2.13 GHz X3210, the 2.4 GHz X3220 and the 2.66 GHz X3230. The 45 nm series includes the 2.5 Ghz X3320, 2.66 GHz X3350 and the 2.83 GHzX3360.