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Feeling Emotional? Get an Emoticon Keypad

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If you find yourself constantly filling your emails, instant messages, and work memos with smiley faces :) You may enjoy one of these awesome emoticon keypads, developed by Lavatelli.

One of the great features of this keypad, currently in its prototype stages, is that it will be full customizable allowing users to create their own favorite emoticon masterpieces.Although the two to three key strokes it takes to produce one emoticon may not be particularly taxing, Lavatelli's emoticon pad will be a great novelty gift. In addition, we'd imagine those giant bubbly emoticon buttons would be extremely satisfying to press, just look at them! The buttons themselves will have customizable glowing options to add some color to the personality of the emoticons.

If you've been following the news lately, you've heard about all of the new smartphones, tablets, tablets and more tablets from CES 2011, but it's particularly refreshing to see some unconventional, out of the ordinary gadgets such as this keypad. Unfortunately there's no additional information on pricing or when they will be available but we'll be sure to keep an eye out for it.