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A Chart That Shows What Makes Google Tick

Your first visit to this site was probably through our sister site Tom's Hardware, or Google. Since it practically created the internet marketing industry, the top search engine has been a subject of analysis by professionals seeking to gain an advantage. Below is a chart that compiles everything known so far (click on the thumbnail below, then click on the larger picture that appears for the full-sized version):

Some highlights:

"Google data centers are some of the most efficient in the world and are carbon neutral."

"Data centers use between 50-100 megawatts of power and [are] often found near water (cooling)."

"When you search [with] google, you are not searching the active web, but Google's cache of it, which is constantly being updated."

"Once crawled, the page is indexed within seconds."

"10,000+ remote testers rate the quality of their searches."

"Google may claim millions of results but only 1,000 or less are ever displayed."

"Trending: if a search term has a huge burst in search volume and/or lots of recent news results, google might place additional weighting on fresh results."

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