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Imgur Finally Gets Its Own iPhone App

If you spend any amount of time on sites like Reddit or Digg, you are no doubt familiar with image hosting site Imgur. Founded by Alan Schaaf, the site has grown from a side project created by Schaaf to fulfill his own needs for an image hosting site to a full blown hosting service handling over a million images every day. It now also has its own iOS application.

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Though many use the site for its registration-optional image hosting, Imgur is more than just a hosting site. Thanks to its unique comments and rating system, there is a whole community of users that regularly post and respond to submissions from other people. That community got an Android application last month, and now they're getting an iOS app.

iOS users can use the app to upload and submit images to the Imgur gallery, comment and vote on images in the gallery, and manage accounts and albums. You can also browse the most viral images on the internet at any given time. Speaking about the Android launch, founder Schaaf said the site has seen mobile usage double annually and chose to build mobile apps because of the substantial increase in mobile browser usage over time.