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The iPad Stand for Karaoke Junkies

Karaoke night can be a blast, but sometimes your favorite tune just isn't on the playlist. You can try downloading the lyrics onto your laptop or iPad, but lemme tell you, beer, electronics and raucous singing are just the right ingredients for an accident waiting to happen. Now drunken karaoke lovers can rejoice: IK Multimedia is about to release an accessory that will let you rock out on the mic while keeping your iPad firmly in view.

The iKlip is basically an armature with a mic stand clip on one end, and six claw-like touchpoints that will lock onto your iPad on the other. Put 'em together, and you can now read lyrics off the iPad while belting out your most heart-stopping rendition of Livin' on a Prayer. Just don't knock down the entire mic stand, because that kinda defeats the whole purpose, right?

The iKlip will launch on December, but should be available for pre-order at IK Multimedia's website. While you're over there, check out their other Apple-inclined gadgets and apps.

[source: IK Multimedia via Gizmag]