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The Most Iconic Paper and Envelope Yet

Design think tank Brigada Creativa recently came up with Icon Letter, a stationery set attempting to give off the computer icon vibe. Icon Letter is simply the group name for Icon Paper and Icon Envelope, respectively a paper and envelope with thick black borders reminiscent of the clean solid lines of back-and-white PC iconography.

All in all, the aesthetics are retro-futuristic. The early days of computing saw documents and emails rendered as straightforward yet pixellated graphics, while modern PCs have the resolution necessary to create visually clean lines. Icon Letter's simplicity is clearly a mix of those two distinctive presentations. Icon Paper features the memorable dog ear interface designers have long used to indicate paper, while Icon Envelope is, well, an envelope with solid black borders.

Currently Brigada Creativa is "Looking for a company" to market Icon Letter. Let's hope they find a partner, and that said partner won't charge through the nose for this geeky concept stationery. Why would you pay more for less writing space anyway?

Icon Letter: Icon Paper + Icon Envelope