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iPad Converted to Classic Arcade Machine

While some people may hail the iPad's ability to give them a mobile office platform with an intuitive interface, we all know what people do with them: play Angry Birds, or maybe Plants vs. Zombies. Yes, the glorified Etch-a-Sketch is actually a miniaturized arcade machine, thanks to ION, we now have the iCADE, a mini arcade cabinet for your iPad.

The tablet PC accessory features a joystick with a ball top, and eight different colored buttons for any gaming configuration. Aside from the retro cabinet and joystick controls, the iCADE also comes with a slew of Atari classics, like Asteroid. ION is even releasing the API so anybody can create compatible games for the iCADE. Not bad, considering this all started from an April Fool's joke by ThinkGeek.

[source: ION Audio via Gizmag]