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iTunes 9.1 Will Have eBook Support

With the iPad getting ready to launch this weekend, many iPhone and iPod Touch owners may wonder where they stand in regards to Apple and its upcoming eBook offerings. Currently consumers can purchase eBooks, eComics and more through various apps, or purchase them directly through iTunes in the same manner they would with any other app. But with the release of the iPad, all that should change in an effort to reorganize the media for the device.

MacRumors has learned that Apple may release an updated version of iTunes (v9.1) over the weekend that addresses the new "library" structure. An unnamed source told the site that the existing "Audiobooks" entry will be replaced by a broader "Books" section. Apple will supposedly make a similar change to the sources for managing content on connected devices such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

"The revamped "Books" section for connected devices will reportedly display all book content compatible with a given device for easy content management," the site said.

Other changes to iTunes 9.1 may include greater control over Genius Mixes, namely the ability to rename the mixes, rearrange them by dragging, and even delete them by right-clicking. The connected devices summary panes will also get a few tweaks, and users will now be able to automatically convert songs to 128 kbps AAC format when syncing to devices. This will enable users to cram more songs onto the device without having to alter the original file stored on the PC or Mac.