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Apple Launches iTunes for Mexico

While the App Store has been available to Mexicans since it launched in the summer of 2008, the country has been iTuneless this entire time. We've had iTunes for over six years, yet our neighbors have gone without. Well, not anymore.

The Mexican iTunes store launched this week and features music from the four major record labels along with music videos. Apple put the pricing of songs in the Mexican iTunes store at about 12 pesos, which coverts to roughly $0.90. Entire albums are priced at 120 pesos or just over $9.10.

Retailers uch as Liverpool, Mixup, Office Depot, El Palacio de Hierro and Sanborns will be selling iTunes Gift Cards in denominations of 200, 300, and 600 pesos.

  • distortion
    call it yoTunes, for easy synching with your yoPod.

    seriously though, sweet deal.
  • itrendslave
    Didn't they just get FM radio in like 2007? This might be too much too fast.
  • greg512
    Great, now they can have bloatware too...
  • batkerson
    Although I personally dislike iTunes and the (evil) Apple empire, I'm glad to see our neighbors to the south being treated properly. I've never understood -- meaning it's really bugged me -- that "we", whether individuals, businesses, or politicians -- treat Mexico differently than Canada, for example. They deserve to be equals in this hemisphere, IMO. SOOOO it's about time for Apple, but kudos for finally acknowledging Mexico and the wonderful Mexican people.
  • carcanal
    damn right!!! i´ve had my itunes account since it started. Im a music fan and if possible like to buy my music and like it or not itunes is the best way to do that. Sure i wish the artist got a bigger share that the music companies but at least they get something. I didnt file share till i moved to mexico because of the fact that we were ituneless. If you think 99 cents is bad you should see what some of the monopolies here tried to charge for downloading music which just leads to more piracy. So yeah i dont have to jump through all kind of hoops buying card in the states to use my american account here.
  • GenKhan2
    iTunes is a horrendous software package. The pricing, when converted to USD is pretty good from a US view. On the other hand, average income in the US was on the order of $50K per year in 2008 but only about $11K per year in Mexico. So the songs should actually cost $0.22 (2.89 pesos) to maintain parity. Huzzah, for 4x pricing! Isn’t iTunes great, Mexico?
  • duckmanx88
    they give us amazing coca cola with sugar cane and we only give them itunes.
  • thejerk
  • Hello everybody, first things first ITRENDSLAVE YOU ARE A F$!*ING IDIOT AND A RACIST

    I apologize to everybody else for that, and well actually i think that the itunes is not going to be a hit here because it's a little bit expensive like GenKhan2 was saying it's going to have a market but nothing as big as you have in the US, specially since the price for the cd is around the same (120 pesos), also here in Mexico City you can buy pirated cds full of mp3 for 10 pesos(less than 1 dollar) outside (and sometimes inside) subway stations, street markets and around the corners of many strets, and the people that usually buys the cds in a legal manner can buy them for the same price and the creating the mp3, I actually think that is the reason why they dalayed the creation of the Itunes Store for so long
  • okibrian
    I think clean drinking water should come first.