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Sony, Amazon Said to Be Prepping Media Services

Word on the street is both Sony and etailer giant Amazon have plans to start their media services. The Financial Times cites sources in the media that say Sony's new subscription service will launch on the PlayStation 3 first (we assume via the PSN), before creeping across to the company's other devices, such as its Vaio computers, Sony Ericsson phones, Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players, and Walkman PMPs.

Though Sony phased out its Connect music service in 2007, FT cites Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer who last year said 90 percent of the company's devices would be connected to the Web and each other by 2011. The paper also points to Sony's $260 million acquisition of Gracenote in 2008 as further evidence that the company could be prepping a content service. Gracenote tracks and identifies music files across devices, and FT says it could play a significant role in Sony's new media service, which has been two years in the making. The service is not expected to go live until next year, after Sony has cut all the necessary deals with studios and labels.

It's not immediately clear if Sony's service will be similar to iTunes, in that you pay for what you want, or if it will be an all you can eat subscription that streams content to the user's device.

Also said to be working on a media service is Amazon. Reuters reports that the etailer has approached media companies for a subscription service that will rival Netflix. The company has reportedly spoken to Time Warner, CBS, and Viacom about the service, though people familiar with the discussions say it's unclear whether the media companies have agreed to anything just yet.

Amazon already offers TV shows and movies via its VOD service, but Retuers reports that this new service will differ in that instead of paying for content by the episode, or movie, customers will pay a subscription fee. A Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon may choose to bundle its subscription service with its Amazon Prime service that gives customers free, 2-day shipping (and other perks) for just $79 per year.

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Source: Financial Times, Reuters