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Apple Releases Fix for Vista Users' BSOD

When iTunes 8.0 was released last Tuesday, a significant amount of Vista users reported that after upgrading to iTunes 8.0, their computer either immediately restarted or gave them a blue screen error when connecting their device to the computer. Complaints involved both iPhones and iPods. Users claimed that the problem was with one of Apple’s USB drivers, which the company seems to have replaced with an older driver, from a July iTunes update.

Apple released a support document advising customers to uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support and iTunes 8.0, download the update again and reinstall. The company also said that it was important users do not use the iTunes8Setup or iTunes864Setup file they had previously downloaded.

It all brings us back to blue-screen troubles with iTunes 7.7. XP and Vista users reported blue screens when syncing the Touch or iPhone. Apple released support notes informing users that an update to SP1 would fix the problem.

iTunes 8.0 can be downloaded from here.