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VIDEO: A HDTV Made Out of iPod Touches

What you're looking at is a 17-inch HD (1920 x 960 pixels) television that measures 0.33-inches thick and weighs just under 50 ounces (48.6 if you want an exact number). It's slim and incredibly light, but it's made of 12 iPod touches, so if you're the type to complain that monitor bezels ruin the effect of ATI's Eyefinity technology, you should look away now.

How much would something like this cost, you ask? Well, for just the iPods, you're looking at the price of 12 iPod touches for the display, plus another one to act as the remote. Taking the lowest price of a new iPod to be $199, you're looking at $2,587 for the hardware alone. However, you could probably hit up eBay for some second-hand iPods and make it for considerably less. That is, if you thought making one would be a good idea.

The iPod touch cluster is the work of Mongoose Studio. Check out their video below.

(via Gizmodo)