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iPod Dock Serves As Go-Go Dancer Cage Too

When an iPod or iPod Touch is feeling low and needs a little spunk, an iPod dock is always there to give it a boost of energy. But what's consumer to do while it recharges? This might be a good time to throw on a pair of go-go boots and dance on the dock itself. Sounds insane? You bet it does, but with the right dancer, you might have a good show while waiting on your favorite device.

Designed by London-based Motitz Waldemeyer, the Disco Table serves as a recharge station and a laser-based go-go cage in one package. The lasers are mounted on the top (or stage), and a smoke machine lights up the beams, giving the appearance of a cage. There's probably enough room for one dancer to sport her/his stuff-- there doesn't seem to any additional space for added components like poles or donkeys.

The design stemmed from a challenge made by Wallpaper Magazine. The site wanted him to create something with the theme of "home disco" for the December 2009 issue. "By day a simple sleek white Corian coffee table but by night a virtual laser dance-cage complete with iPhone/iPod dock, hi-fidelity speakers and haze machine (as featured on the 'We Heart' website)," Waldemeyer said. "Available on demand for the discerning homebody."

Sorry, hot dancers aren't included.