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''Explicit'' Section Hidden in Apple's App Store

Fans of skin rejoice, as Apple may invite all the recently banned apps back to the App Store. However, it won't be an all-you-can eat buffet as we've seen in the past. In fact, the apps may be listed in a whole new "explicit" section not currently seen on the online store.

Cult of Mac reports that an app developer contacted the site and claims that Apple is indeed adding the "explicit" section to the App Store. The claim is backed by a screenshot snapped of the iTunesConnect website. The image reveals that developers will have two categories to select when uploading an app. The Primary Category selection clearly shows "explicit" in the image.

It's likely that Apple's recent sweep on the App Store had nothing to do with the actual content, but where the app resides on the online store. While many users may object to the content, these apps rack in a large amount of revenue. An "explicit" section, accessed by entering the account username and password, would ensure the revenue to developers while meeting the demands of iTunes customers.

Currently there's no indication on when--or if--the supposed explicit section will launch.