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Verizon: No iPhone in Immediate Future

On the heels of a rumor that Verizon Wireless is testing a CDMA-capable Apple iPad on its network, a spokesman confirmed that the company has no plans to support the iPhone "in the immediate future." Given that AT&T's exclusivity deal with Apple carries on until 2012, the news shouldn't be surprising. With that said, rumors of a Verizon iPhone could still come to fruition once the contract expires.

There's also one other consideration to keep in mind: Verizon's investment in Android. The company undoubtedly dropped a substantial load of cash on George Lucas' front doorstep for the use of "Droid" and has made a huge effort to promote its Android-based phones. Verizon just doesn't seem to have an interest in Apple's mobile phone at this present time, especially in light of Android's current momentum.

"You gotta look at the incredible excitement around the Android devices," said Verizon rep John Johnson after quickly shooting down rumors of iPhone coverage. "Every day I see a comparison--head to head of the device like the HTC Droid Incredible which is outperforming just about everything else out there. Not just based on the hardware, but based on the network experience, the reliability of the network, the signal coverage of the network."

He goes on to promote Verizon's five Android devices, hints at the new ones coming out this summer, and provides a general overview of Verizon's 4G roll-out. But what about the recent rumors about Verizon supporting the Apple iPad? Even though the company doesn't have "immediate" plans for the iPhone, there was no mention of the Apple tablet so CDMA iPad could still be a possibility.

On the other hand, the company could be gearing up to bundle an iPad with its current Intelligent Mobile hotspot, the MiFi 2200. Until we know for sure, everything is mere speculation.