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Next Gen iPhone Specs "Leaked"

Macrumors reports that in early May a forum poster from Chinese site Weiphone posted specs and a screenshot he claimed is the next generation iPhone. From what we can see, they’re pretty much in line with what the rumors have been saying. Faster processor, more RAM, better camera and more storage.

Credit: Macrumors

(Image credit: Macrumors)

  • Model number MB717LL
  • 600MHz CPU Speed (up from 400MHz)
  • 256MB RAM (up from 128MB)
  • Digital Compass and FM
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus
  • 32GB size
  • No major changes in battery, screen and external casing.

That said, the last bullet on that list is a little disappointing. The battery life of the iPhone is something almost everyone complains about. For a phone that has more apps than you could shake ten sticks at, the battery life is pretty pathetic and according to these rumors, Apple has no plans to remedy that issue. Lame.
What say ye, fact or fiction?