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Control Your iPhone While It's In Your Pocket

We're still having a hard time figuring out the pros of something like this, but researchers at the Hasso Plattner Institute at Potsdam University in Germany have created an interesting new way to control your touchscreen phone. If you're willing to lug around a giant camera helmet thing, then you might just be able to control your iPhone from you pocket using this creation called the "iPalm".

Utilizing a depth camera that is capable of detecting your finger pressing into your opposite hand's palm, the iPalm uses wireless technology to translate palm touches with screen touches. It may be an interesting gimmick but there are quite a few reasons why the iPalm would be pretty much useless. The biggest issue being that the user has to memorize exactly which part of their palm corresponds with which part of their phone. Good luck finding Angry Bids on your palm!

We also can't forget the fact that the phone has to be in a close proximity in order for the system to be of any use. And it may be a long shot but we're guessing that helmet camera isn't going to be too popular. Although this tech's practicality may be questionable for smartphone use, perhaps it will have a better place in the future of remote controls. This way if you happen to forget your remote control in some dark corner of your room, all you have to do is slap on that giant camera and press away!