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Wal-Mart to Sell the iPhone at Cheapest Price Yet: $197

Following that little piece of news, some reports speculated that given Wal-Mart’s discount shopping reputation, the company might sell the Apple phone cheaper than other retailers. Well, it seems the rumors were true. Wal-Mart will be selling the iPhone 3G and it will be selling it for less than other retailers. Two dollars less.

MacRumors has some pictures of a Wal-Mart ad showing the 8GB iPhone 3G with the price tag of $197. Woo! Anyway, over the last couple of days there’s been some talk of a 4GB version selling for $99 at Wal-Mart. While this little tid-bit remains to be seen (but so far seems pretty unlikely), the iPhone is definitely coming to Wal-Mart. The date is a little sketchy; most people say it’ll be December 28, with others convinced it’ll be on sale in time for Christmas.

Many are worried that selling the iPhone in Wal-Mart will diminish the handset’s cool factor. We doubt it. The iPhone is still cool, but it’s less awe inspiring than it was two years ago. When the 2G version first launched, anyone who had one could expect comments from random civilians while they were waiting in line at Starbucks or at the movie theatre. It costing an arm and a leg meant not everyone could have one, but now that the 3G version is a more consumer friendly $199, why not sell it in a consumer friendly retail outlet?

  • Pei-chen
    iPhone hasn't been cool for a while now seeing how many people has it. A HTC Touch Diamond or 4G could be consider cool.
  • "why not sell it in a consumer friendly retail outlet?"
    Do you really consider Wall Mart consumer firendly? Every time I go there, I feel like pubching everyone because of the crowd....
  • hellwig
    Diminish the cool factor? If overpaying for a cell phone and data plan is cool, count me out. Also, as someone pointed out on a different website, Walmart DOES sell iPods, so why not the iPhone?

    Besides, how much of a statement is a $300 phone anyway? Lots of people can afford a $300 phone, I have that much cash in my wallet. I guess iPhone owners are only trying to impress the impoverished members of our society who already have other, more important things to worry about than cell phone brand. You'd have to be a major A-hole to think owning an iPhone makes you better than anyone.
  • fuser
    I don't think "cool" has anything to do with the price of an object.

    Beanie babies used to be cool and they cost about $5 each.

    Offering the iPhone for a $2 discount isn't going to draw many people to Walmart. If they did offer the $99 4GB version then that would be a big deal, because a lot of people don't need 8GB of storage on a phone.
  • kawininjazx
    Whats with all the iPhone haters? I've had one since the July launch of the 3g and I love it, its pretty much a laptop replacement (I know it cant do everything, but its close). And who cares about $35 for data, that's not that much money for being able to access the web anywhere, an air card costs $60 a month. Of course going to walmart to buy an iPhone does not sound fun. I'd rather go to an AT&T store where all the employees still have their front teeth.
  • There is a reason that theres over 10million Iphones out there...because its so f'ing cool!!! Had it for 2 months now and it is the best electronic gadget/phone ever...
  • igot1forya
    fuser, Beanie Babies? Seriously? They were NEVER cool! They were collectable, nothing more. ;)
  • "It's the singer not the song that makes the music move along"
  • No walmart doesn't have the lowest price at sams club its for 48$