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Pictures to Complement the iPhone Nano Rumors

Over the last week or so there’s been rumors galore about an iPhone Nano. One of the most talked about things with the original iPhone was its size. The desire for more advanced features, particularly larger screens, meant that handsets stalled in the miniaturization department.

The iPhone was a little bigger than some of the other fashion-conscious phones, but it was sleek, slim, and had something new and fresh: a full touch screen. Now it seems as though the people’s desire for everything to be as small as possible is back and as strong as ever -- just in time for rumors do the rounds about an iPhone Nano.

Pictures of a fake version of the device have been cropping up the last few days with AppleInsider reporting that phoney (punbelievable, we know) versions are already for sale in Thailand. A couple of weeks back AI reported that a rather questionable site (iDealsChina) had pictures of case moldings for an iPhone Nano. Shorter and fatter than an iPod, it apparently has the same sensors and camera but no 3G connectivity.

An AppleInsider reader last week sent in a couple of pictures of a fake iPhone Nano that he/she came across in Thailand. While it’s a little different to what the mold would have produced, it looks like everyone is jumping on the Nano-wagon. 

With the news that MacWorld in San Fransico next week will be Apple's last, it could make company's final appearance a memorable one. The idea of an iPhone Nano is an interesting one, though. Already some people have trouble with the iPhone’s touch screen keyboard, and are of the opinion that you can’t beat buttons for accuracy. It’s unclear as to whether or not the Nano would have even smaller key icons, but if it did, it’d something many could have a problem with.

There’s also the issue of size. While the current iPhone is relatively large, its owners are accustomed to the trade-off for the large display. An iPhone Nano could make an undesirable sacrifice just for form. Furthermore, the smaller the phone, the harder it is to take out of the pocket of my jeans. I’m already doing what we call the iPod shuffle when I try to take my iPod Nano out of my pocket on the way to the train station, I don’t need to add a lilliputian phone to the mix.

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