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WAAAH! Application Translates Your Baby's Cries

The sound of a baby crying can frustrate just about anyone, especially if the kid isn't hungry, wet, tired, lonely or bored. Now iPhone-toting parents can figure out exactly what their baby is pining for with the help of The Cry Translator.

The Daily Mail reports that the Cry Translator can figure out why baby is bawling in less than 10 seconds with a 96 percent accuracy rate if users followed the methods suggested to calm their baby once the kid's cry was deciphered. Creators Pedro Barrera and Luis Meca say the application uses patented technology to identify the baby's cry based on five emotional or physiological states: hunger, fatigue, annoyance, stress or boredom. 'These five cries are universal to all babies regardless of culture or language,' the two say.

However, while the application can boast a high accuracy, DM points out that there is no way to recognize the cry of a baby who is not well.

Those of you with mini versions of yourselves can download the application here. Be sure to let us know how accurate it is for you!

  • chesterman86
    i trully dont believe that this will ever work.
  • ssalim
    "mini versions of yourselves" haha funny... unless adopted.
  • ominous prime
    10 bucks for something that isn't going to work. Wish you had put the price in the article.
  • RooD
    or you could be a decent parent and learn what your kid needs... jesus christ get off the phone
  • fulle
    I'd be interesting to see how this turns out. Lot of people have bought Priscilla Dunstan's DVDs that are supposed to explain how to understand baby cries... supposedly, if a baby is hungry it might go "NEH", but if its cold it might go "heh" for example.

    Having suffered through a crying baby myself (baby's are horrible creatures), I definitely agree that there are differences in how a baby will cry in different situations. Its still not often obvious, since babies are easily confused, and will behave totally irrationally. (Crying that she's tired, rubbing her eyes, tucked in comfortably in her crib with the lights turned low). But, regardless after a little while I was able to pretty much recognize what was wrong off of the cry alone. Building a steady routine for the kiddo will do more to help limit guesswork though.

    Its really not that far fetched. Hopefully it at least sort of works, and it'll help some new parents out with their horrible screaming shit monsters.
  • Computer_Lots
    I have 3 little ones. There is no friggen way this this will work.
    Every time the baby cries we go through the same routine check.
    Hungry? (ate 30 min ago)
    Wet? (diaper is dry)
    Tired? (last nap 4 hours ago) Ding, Ding, Ding. We have a winner.
  • hixbot
    Baby: -- I only want to eat candy
    Lady: Then that's all you'll get
    Baby 2: -- This leash demeans us both

    Herb: Maggie...who brought me my fortune. I'll give you anything you want in the world
    Maggie: -- I want what the dog's eating
    Herb: I'll get you something nice
  • dark_lord69
    I'm gonna have to call BS on this.
  • bill gates is your daddy
    Unki Herb should sue their ass
  • lorddude
    I would like to see a review on this program