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Report: iPhone 5 to Get November 21 UK Release

Thanks to months of rumors, we know that the newest iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5 by the media, will likely not be launched this summer, as has been the case with previous iterations of the device. While reports suggest that Apple may unveil it at WWDC, the company is said to be preparing for a fall launch and the latest rumor is that the device will launch in the UK on November 21.

Though we know the season the new iPhone is supposedly arriving, we didn’t have anything more specific until this week. Today, a representative working for UK phone retailer Phones4u told T3 that it will be launching late in November.

The publication cites Shazna, a customer sales representative at the St. Albans branch of Phones4u, who apparently confirmed that "the iPhone 5 has been delayed until November following an issue with the handset's software" and later added that it would be released on November 21. The UK launch of the iPhone usually coincides with the U.S. launch.

T3 contacted St. Albans store a second time and was told that yes, it’s been delayed until November. The store also added that the “main difference” between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 was the software. An employee is quoted as saying it will be “pretty much the same as the iPhone 4” but with updated software.

Though the retail staff at Phones4u seem more than happy to reveal details of the new iPhone 5, the company has released an official statement on the matter and are passing it off as an "over-excited member of staff who is clearly a fan of the iPhone brand."

Previous rumors have indicated that while the new iPhone will pack a revamped version of iOS, there will be only minor design changes, such as a new antenna design and the possible inclusion of an updated camera and NFC support.