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Apple Announces Press Conference for iPhone 4

Yesterday evening Apple alerted the media to a press conference it would hold at its Cupertino campus tomorrow morning. Scheduled for 10 a.m. pacific time, no specifics were given other than the topic: iPhone 4.

Right now, there's ample rumors doing the rounds about what Apple might have planned. Some believe it's going to be a 'Free bumpers for everyone!' announcement, while others are tentatively whispering about product recalls.

Earlier this week, Apple was criticized by several communications experts who believed the company was not handling the iPhone 4 issue correctly. All agreed that a product recall would be the best course of action if Apple wanted to retain any brand loyalty. Former "Master of Disaster" to Bill Clinton and the White House, Chris Lehane, said with issues like this, the problem needs to be recognized by the manufacturer.

"You acknowledge it; you address it; you deal with it," Lehane said. "Apple must protect its brand image, its crown jewels, at all cost. Apple has enormous consumer loyalty but it depends on whether people believe it’s credible."

What do you think tomorrow will be about? iApple masking tape? Free bumpers? A seminar on how to hold the phone correctly (example above)? Let us know how in the comments below!