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Fix Your iPhone 4 Reception Woes for a Dollar

A lot of people think Apple should be giving iPhone 4 users free bumpers to fix the new device's antenna problem and it's easy to see why; the bumpers cost $30 from the Apple store. Why should loyal customers have to pay an extra $30 to fix something they aren't responsible for? Unfortunately, Apple has said that they will not be appeasing customers with free bumpers.

If you've resigned yourself to the fact that you'll need one of these bumpers to make calls or comfortably hold your phone without killing reception, then we encourage you not to spend $30 on one from Apple. Why would you when you can spend a $1 making your own?

If you're familiar with the Livestrong wristbands sold by the Lance Armstrong foundation, you probably know that there are tons of other versions, you can get them pretty much anywhere and they cost next to nothing. Well, iPhone Guru (via Wired) reports that these little gel bracelets actually make pretty decent bumpers.

Grab yourself a Stanley Knife (or any kind of blade you think will do the job) and make an incision measuring about 1.125-inches long and 0.125-inches wide. Stretch the bracelet around the edge of your phone and voila, a bumper that involved minimal effort and costs 1/30th of what Apple is asking.

  • dman3k
    Apple products - designed to fail
  • rpgplayer
    see the armstrong foundation could have had major bank to fight cancer with, if they'd have only charged $30 and put a fruit on it.
  • wonspur
    honestly.. thats what you get when you buy a POS
  • buddhav1
    give your money to cancer research, not to a company that can't look at an obvious flaw and say "we should probably do something about that".

  • extremepcs
    Jobs will now sue Lance for patent infringement.
  • N.Broekhuijsen
    now make sure you use one of these bands that has the Andriod logo on it, just for the hell of it.

    I think that this whole issue with apple these days will hopefully bring some fanboi's to see the light, but unfortunately this might be too much too hope for.
    Wow, I hate when companies do this intentionally. They build a design flaw right into a product, and then offer an overpriced solution.
  • wotan31
    LORD_ORIONWow, I hate when companies do this intentionally. They build a design flaw right into a product, and then offer an overpriced solution.Wow, sounds a LOT like Microsoft OS + Anti-virus + anti-spyware + partition magic + Norton + all the other bull**** software you need just to keep Windows from rotting into the ground.
  • pwndcake
    extremepcsJobs will now sue Lance for patent infringement.
    It's funny 'cause it's true.
  • vinehoyle
    Apple is just incredible these days. They came out with a phone with severe issues. Then they got caught producing faulty phones. Then they refuse to fix the problem. Then they refuse to admit they just simply designed them wrong, and now they claim they got the science of reception or some such nonsense.......wrong??? oh come on!!!!! Apple is full of it, and it's becoming very clear to everyone save Jobs, Apple and it's junkies...