iPhone 3G Unlocked

Owners of the iPhone 3G and fans of network freedom have been waiting for this day for a long time. The masterminds behind iPhone ‘pwnage’ have finally released an unlocking solution for the iPhone 3G.

Unlike the unlocking (and jailbreaking) method for the for the 2G iPhone, which relies on external tools and modified firmware, the iPhone 3G unlock appears to work with an application install.

The iPhone Dev-Team posted details of the unlock, codenamed “yell0wsnow,” on its blog. Those who wanted an unlocked iPhone 3G were warned not to upgrade the baseband software that came with Apple’s updates, but the yell0wsnow release now appears to require the very latest baseband that’s a part of the 2.2 iPhone firmware version.

Users who want an unlocked phone will have upgrade to the latest firmware, jailbreak using QuickPwn, and then install the yell0wsnow application via jailbroken app managers Cydia or Installer.

The first couple of versions of yell0wsnow were quickly updated following user reports that the software hack doesn’t work. As of version 0.9.4, which is still considered a beta, it appears that many of the issues are fixed.

Are you going to unlock your iPhone 3G? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Grandcruiser
    The iPhone 3G unlock doesn't COMPLETELY work with T-Mobile USA. I inserted my uncle's T-Mobile SIM card into my iPhone and mostly everything worked except outgoing calls. I can receive calls but when I try to call somebody, the service bars disappear and my iPhone says that the call has failed. I don't think it's going to take long for the development team to come out with a fix. :)
  • blackened144
    Ive been using ATT for 5 years or so and never had a problem with them as long as I paid my bill on time. In my area their service is great and the 3G speeds are nice. My iPhone is jailbroken for 3rd party apps, but I have no reason to unlock mine.
  • Anonymous
    I think I'll just throw my iphone in the toilet and be done with it