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See Demo of iPhone 3G Unlock

Dev-Team has released a video of  the first public demo of its Yellowsn0w application designed to unlock the iPhone 3G, enabling users to run the phone on their network of choice.

Last week Dev-Team announced that they had finally managed to unlock the iPhone 3G and set December 31 as the intended release date. The team said that while they had managed to unlock the phone, users were warned that the unlock is only available to iPhone 3Gs that have 2.11.07 baseband or earlier.

They also promised us a live demo of the unlock in action and here it is. Dev-Team member MuscleNerd walks viewers through the ins and outs of unlocking your iPhone. Before you have a panic attack at the Terminal window he has on his screen, don’t forget, there will be a nice, user-friendly application to do the unlock for you on New Year’s Eve. [Check it out->] and let us know what you think.

Will you be unlocking your iPhone to use on another network? If you don’t have an iPhone already, would you be tempted to buy it and unlock it or do you think the alternatives to the iPhone available on other networks (the G1, the Storm, etc) are enough? Let us know in the comments below.